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Bets on eSports is now VERY popular. This (relatively) new type of rates has slowly gained popularity, but over the past couple of years there has been a lot of activity writing a thesis proposal in it. This segment is esports betting sites growing at such a rapid pace that, according to estimates, by 2020 the volume of the global market for e-sports will be about 30 billion US dollars.

This is a huge number, especially if we consider that eSports is still in a sense not in sight of the general public. Today, the number of fans of eSports is large,writing a thesis proposal but still can not be compared with the number of fans of traditional sports, such as football or tennis. Most people who are fans of a traditional sport have no idea what e-sports is. And they certainly don’t know anything about bets on him.

So what is e-sports? And how to bet on eSports?